Overhead Rolling Doors & Security Grilles

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What Are Overhead Rolling Doors?

Overhead rolling doors help protect openings in all types of facilities. They're typically made of steel or aluminum slats that roll up and store in an overhead coil. Overhead rolling doors can safeguard buildings against unwanted entry and inclement weather.

At CornellCookson, we provide custom rolling doors for commercial applications. You can choose from several colors, window styles, finishes, and other details to create the perfect door for your building.

Commercial Rolling Doors for Any Application

We provide custom overhead roll-up doors to fit virtually any opening. Our commercial rolling doors are often used in:

  • Industrial buildings: Use industrial roll-up doors in factories and warehouses.
  • Commercial business: Secure a business with overhead roll-up and coiling doors.
  • Public facilities: Add rolling overhead doors and security grilles to schools and public buildings.
  • Apartment buildings: Incorporate commercial roll-up doors in apartment building layouts.
  • Administrative facilities: Retrofit an administrative or government building with overhead roll-up doors.

Our Selection of Rolling Overhead Doors

CornellCookson is an industry-leading supplier of commercial rolling doors.

Rolling Service Doors

Rolling service doors provide enhanced security and protection in commercial and industrial buildings. These doors are made from high-quality steel. We can customize a rolling service door to fit with your existing structures and designs seamlessly.

Rolling Counter Doors

Seal any service window, countertop opening, or similar area with a rolling counter door. These doors consist of interlocking aluminum or steel slats and coil neatly above the opening for compact storage. Rolling counter doors are the perfect way to add an extra layer of security to facilities like cafeterias, ticket booths, cashier counters, concession stands, and more.

Rolling Security Grilles

Installing a security grille is ideal for protecting openings and restricting access to certain areas while preserving visibility and airflow. Our security grilles come in several configurations, and we'll further customize them to meet the exact needs of your application. Rolling security grilles are great for retail, food service, and medical facilities, among other applications.

High-Performance Roll-Up Doors

Our high-performance roll-up doors operate faster than traditional rolling doors to maximize efficiency. These commercial roll-up doors are well-suited for use in loading docks, parking garages, and other high-traffic areas.

Insulated Roll-Up Doors

You can choose from several styles of insulated roll-up doors that improve energy efficiency and reduce sound transmission. Our selection includes Thermiser® doors that have an impressive lifespan of at least 50,000 cycles.

Why Choose CornellCookson Rolling Doors?

At CornellCookson, we make your roll-up doors to your exact specifications. You'll get a door with a precise fit to suit the needs of your project. With our endless customization options, you can achieve the exact configuration to suit your needs.

If you need help on your project, turn to us for tools like datasheets, Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects, door codes, and other resources. You can also contact our expert Architect Design Support Team for assistance. Our team has the knowledge and experience to answer all your questions and help you find the right closure solutions for your specific commercial project.

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