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When you need quick access to commercial garage door details, you'll find all the documentation you need in our specifications.

All of the Clopay garage doors we carry are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Because each one has an advanced design, it's crucial to have the appropriate commercial overhead door details to effectively support your project.

The specifications you'll find on this page include a wide range of comprehensive technical details, giving you a solid foundation of information to help you with your project. You'll find specifics about the features of each garage door, from panels and tracks to hinges and all the other parts and hardware. This information includes the exact materials, sizes, finishes, and accessories associated with each garage door feature.

You'll find details about warranty coverage as well as specific information about the recommended manufacturer and installer qualifications. Our specifications also contain helpful guidance to ensure a successful installation process, covering the best practices for examining, preparing, installing, and protecting your garage doors.

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1-3/8" Thick

Available Specifications:

Model 3708/3709

Model 3158/3159



Available Specifications:

Model 3730





1-3/4" Thick

Available Specifications:

Model 3717

Model 3718



1-1/2" Thick

Available Specifications:

Model 3715



1-3/8" Thick

Available Specifications:

Model 3150

Model 3154



Raised Panel

Available Specifications:

Model 664

Model 664V



Insulated Counter Door
























Rolling Service Door

ESD10 (Service)

ESD10W (Wind-Master)

Available Specifications:

Roll Up Door Specification





EntryDefender Door

PED0101 (05, 15, 60)


Available Specifications:

EntryDefender Specification








The Benefits of Using Our Garage Door Specifications

With these comprehensive, technical garage door details in one convenient location, you'll gain quick access to all the information you need to complete your garage door project successfully. By using these garage door specifications, you'll eliminate any guesswork and save a significant amount of time and money on your project while producing better results. 

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