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What Is a Garage Door BIM Library?

A Building Information Modeling (BIM) object is a 3D rendering of a product. We use technical details and product information to create BIM objects that accurately represent the geometry and physical characteristics of our garage doors. You can view and modify our BIM objects using 3D modeling software like Autodesk Revit.

When you use our garage door BIM models, you'll gain a better understanding of our products than you can get from paper plans. BIM objects provide highly detailed information and visual data to help you make more efficient and precise decisions about your project.

If you're working on a custom project, you can adjust the BIM object to reflect your specific design requirements. A garage door BIM model also allows you to see how different variables may affect product functionality.

Whatever your needs, a BIM object can be a valuable tool for your next garage door project.

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Available BIM Objects:

Model 3730





1-3/4" Thick
Available BIM Objects:

Model 3717

Model 3718



1-1/2" Thick
Available BIM Objects:

Model 3715



Available BIM Objects:

Model 3200

Model 3220

Rolling Counter Shutter


ESC20 (Integral Frame and Sill)




Extreme 300 Series High Performance Door

EPD300 (Service)

EPI300 (Insulated)



Extreme 1024 High Performance Door

EPD10124 (Service)

EPI1024 (Insulated)















StormDefender Storm Safe Room Door


PRSD361 (Fire Rated)

Available BIM Objects:

StormDefender Face of Wall



EntryDefender Door

PED0101 (05, 15, 60)


Available BIM Objects:

EntryDefender Face of Wall