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Meet Architect Design Services: Shawn McCormick, Architectural Design Manager

February 27, 2024

For Shawn McCormick, architectural design manager for Clopay Corporation, architecture is about triumphing over obstacles to create functional and beautiful spaces. Read the blog for more!


Canyon Ridge® Elements vs. Canyon Ridge® Carriage House 4-Layer: What’s the difference?

January 30, 2024

Clopay® Canyon Ridge® Elements and Carriage House 4-Layer garage doors are designed to meet various needs, lifestyles, and budgets. These models differ in more than just appearance. Understanding the unique characteristics of each model will help architects and homeowners make an informed decision when selecting a garage door.


Design a Restaurant Layout Without Making These Mistakes

November 15, 2023

The design of a restaurant is key to business success. Avoid common pitfalls like poor lighting, inefficient traffic flow, and uninviting exteriors to create an inviting and memorable experience!


How to Measure a Garage Door

October 25, 2023

If you're looking to add a new garage to a home or replace an older garage door on the property, one of the most important considerations is finding a door that will fit the space you're designing. Measuring for a garage door allows you to gather accurate dimensions and determine the best option for any home.


Clopay welcomes architects to ClopayED. Earn CEUs on demand!

October 25, 2023

Architects can now earn CEUs through ClopayED, Clopay Corporation's online learning platform. Earn credits quickly and learn about Clopay garage door products!


5 Commercial Door Design Ideas

October 12, 2023

Find a commercial door style that fits your functional needs and design preferences, and learn how to make your commercial door stand out.


Ask Ross: Mounting Rolling Commercial Garage Doors and Hoods

September 26, 2023

Ross Baran, Clopay Corporation Architectural Design Support representative, answers common questions from architects. Read the blog to learn how rolling steel garage doors and hoods are installed and mounted.


Experiencing the Joy at the A’23 Conference on Architecture

July 11, 2023

The Clopay Team had a blast at the A'23 Conference on Architecture! From innovative commercial and residential door displays to our fun and interactive experiences- here are some of the details!


We Built this City on Stock & Goals | Mixed-Use Design

June 05, 2023

When it comes to mixed-use design, architects are taking stock of what already exists to maximize potential and be mindful of sustainability.


Designing for Healthcare: Creating Anti-Ligature Spaces

April 27, 2023

Healthcare facilities see a variety of patients, from acute care to those in need of mental and behavioral care. Learn about common areas of concern for ligature risks in behavioral health clinics, crisis intervention facilities, and detention centers.