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Choosing the Right Warehouse Roll Up Door

Choosing the Right Roll Up Door

Your choice of a roll up door can improve the safety, efficiency and visual appeal of a warehouse with one installment. A warehouse roll up door can provide numerous benefits for the warehouse and the company, including theft protection, the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and more manageable traffic for workers. 

There are several factors to consider before choosing the right roll up door for a warehouse. Follow these steps to become familiar with the requirements of installing and selecting this feature. 

Fitting the Purpose of the Warehouse: Optimizing Size

The first step in choosing the right warehouse roll up door is to measure the opening. If you are replacing an entry that already occupies the opening, record the measurements of the existing roll up door to determine the size of your next one. 

When selecting a door for an unoccupied opening, there are a few measuring tips to keep in mind as you determine the best sizing:

  1. Measure the height and width of the opening: Make sure to record the exact measurements to make installment easier. 
  2. Measure the side room: These spaces sit on opposite sides of the opening on the same wall. This area allows a team of contractors to install the roll up door after the selection process. Record how much space sits between the edges on both sides of the warehouse to the opening. This measurement will determine how much room professional installers can use for installation. 
  3. Measure the headroom: This space is above the opening where the door will sit. You will likely only have to measure from the top of the entrance to the warehouse's ceiling. Other structures may have an overhead shelf, an attic, mounted storage racks or hanging lights that minimize the space underneath the roof. Measure from the top of the opening to the lowest part of these objects to determine how much space contractors can use when installing the roll up door. 
  4. Measure the depth of the jamb: The jamb is the inside of the door frame. Measure the jamb opening from interior to exterior wall. 

After taking all the necessary measurements, ensure that the door you select is not larger than any of the dimensions. This sizing issue can happen without a second thought if you don't record the precise measurements down to the millimeter. Take your time to measure these spaces multiple times to ensure the area is optimal for the right roll up door. 

With this data in mind, you can start browsing for the right warehouse roll up doors. 

Fitting the Purpose of the Warehouse

Fitting the Purpose of the Warehouse

Roll up doors provide several benefits when paired with warehouses. Companies prefer the sleek design with the protection these entries offer. Others are simply looking for functionality for their specific operations.

When selecting the right roll up warehouse door, keep the purpose of the warehouse in mind to ensure a smooth selection process that benefits the company. 


High-security doors help protect the shipments and other objects inside the warehouse. For many companies that ship and store valuable things, theft protection is critical when investing in a new warehouse door. Pharmaceutical, government and manufacturing facilities could all value protection for their sensitive items.

If you are working with a company that owns warehouses that store a large capacity of valuable shipments, consider selecting a high-security door. These roll up doors use durable steel to help prevent break-ins. 

These doors can offer quality protection for the contents within a warehouse in areas with heavy weather conditions such as tornados, high winds and hail storms. With solid steel and interlocking slats that prevent the surface from peeling, a sturdy roll up door option can help keep everything in place under any weather alert. 

High Traffic

Since these doors will be opening and shutting throughout the day, selecting a flexible door that can withstand hours of movement daily without signs of wear and tear is essential. If your client expects a constant traffic flow from workers, forklifts and trucks, choose a loading dock door for the warehouse. The design of these roll up doors can withstand a minimum of 50,000 cycles before requiring maintenance. Workers and drivers can move freely in and out of these roll up doors for a while without worrying about replacement. 

Energy Efficiency 

Some warehouses have the simple task of storing heavy machinery for several months or years. In this case, a roll up door that provides energy-efficient benefits can help companies save money when controlling temperatures. These doors offer quality insulation to limit the airflow coming from outside the warehouse. 

By preventing up to 94% air infiltration into the warehouse, the contents within the structure are protected from adverse temperatures. Energy-efficient insulated rolling doors are great for preventing heat and humidity in climates with warm weather.

Considering the Cost Effectiveness of Warehouse Roll Up Doors

The amount you and your client may spend on a roll up warehouse door can depend on the quality of the door itself. Most warehouses sport a medium-duty roll up door due to its ability to provide stable security and flexibility. Some companies opt for heavy-duty doors for more protection and less maintenance. This decision ultimately depends on your client's willingness to spend on their warehouse door. 

Medium-duty doors are helpful for warehouses with regularly heavy traffic. These doors can withstand frequent opening and closing, which makes them a common choice for companies. Heavy-duty doors provide impressive security and long-lasting life. While this option is not as standard for companies to invest in, heavy-duty doors do not require maintenance as much as their counterpart. This decision relies on your client's desire to store their items in a high-security facility or under more worker-friendly conditions. 

CornellCookson Can Help Find the Right Warehouse Roll Up Doors for Your Project

CornellCookson Can Help Find the Right Warehouse Roll Up Doors for Your Project

Finding the best roll up door for a client's warehouse can be a long journey without the proper support. At CornellCookson, our Architectural Design Support (ADS) team prides itself on providing project support for architects as they browse for the most effective doors for their clients. From custom design help to creating drawing plans for a door to fit the specifications of a project, the ADS team can help at any step of the roll up door selection process. 

Every door is custom made to fit every warehouse design, so you can rest assured knowing we will meet every specific measurement and client specification.

Contact the ADS team today to find the right warehouse door for your architectural project. 

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