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Garage Doors for Buildings With Low Clearances

Headroom can present a significant challenge for building design when accommodating overhead doors in spaces with minimal clearances. Fortunately, several options can eliminate those issues for your clients and give them a low-headroom compatible closure for their opening.

Low-Clearance Residential Options

Today's options allow for more flexibility to fit existing structures. 

Change the Spring Type

Garage doors operate with two general spring types — extension or torsion. 

Extension springs lie parallel to the door's horizontal tracks, while torsion springs typically lie on a shaft centered above the garage door. By nature, extension springs usually require less clearance. With the help of unique low-headroom garage door tracks, you can lessen the necessary overhead to 4.5 inches.

Change the Spring-Mounting Configuration

When designing the garage opening, you can relocate springs to help you achieve a low-clearance garage door entry. 

By mounting the springs in the front, you can use as little as 9 inches of clearance for a 2-inch track and as little as 14 inches for a 3-inch track. Rear-mounting configurations can achieve as little as 4.5 inches needed for a 2-inch track and 8.5 inches needed for a 3-inch track.

Low-Clearance Commercial Options

Low-Clearance Commercial Options

The headroom needed for commercial doors differs based on its size. Some commercial structures may be able to adapt these same low-headroom approaches to accommodate different door styles. In low-clearance applications where security is a larger concern than privacy — such as a parking garage or retail store — rolling security grilles may be the ideal option. 

Our line of compact grilles includes:

  • Cornell extreme high-performance MicroCoil® grilles: These rolling grilles take up under 14 inches of headroom — and often less — when retracted. They also offer up to 500,000 low-maintenance cycles for reliable performance
  • Cookson Visionaire® MicroCoil® grilles: The Visionaire is our most compact rolling grille, occupying 40% less space than traditional models. It's an excellent solution for entries that can't be easily modified
  • Clopay® rolling steel models CESG30 and CESG31: These grilles slide to the side, so minimal headroom clearance is necessary. You can choose single-end folding or have a central opening with the gate parting toward both sides

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